Huntley Meadows Park

3701 Lockheed Blvd. 

Alexandria, Virginia


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Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Described by the Fairfax County Park Authority as: "connects you to treasured homes and habitats. The park is home to a nationally significant historic house, majestic forests, wildflower-speckled meadows and vast wetlands bursting with life. Some of the best wildlife watching in the Washington metropolitan area is here."  This park is one of the largest that is operated by Fairfax County Park Authority. The actual location is south of the city of Alexandria. A popular feature that makes the hike unique is the wetland boardwalk and observation platforms. It is an easy hike, bike or run. Family friendly as well, there is abundant wildlife of beavers, birds, tadpoles, snapping turtles and snakes that keep the area truly wild. Tamely, of course.