The Missing Girls of Route 29 Corridor

The high profile killing of Heather Graham, a student of UVA, has drawn attention to several other cases that have occurred along the Route 29 corridor. Several women have disappeared, and their abductors never found.

Dating back to 1996, the cases began when a stalker began to hunt on the corridor. For 46 days, over 23 women reported that a man would flash his lights and gesture to them while driving to pull over. When the woman would stop, he would tell them that something was wrong with the car. Three of these women, actually got in the truck, but one case of these he was "practicing" on ended in murder.  The ones featured here, are only a HANDFUL of what is going on with the Route 29 Corridor for the last twenty years.

Alicia Showalter Reynolds

In March 1996, Alicia Showalter Reynolds said goodbye to her husband in Baltimore Maryland and left to drive to Charlottesville, Virginia to see her mother. She left early, so she could meet her mother by 1030 am. She never arrived. Her car was found around 6 pm- fifty miles away near a highway in Culpepper. A napkin was placed on her windshield- the universal symbol for car trouble. However, upon further inspection, there was nothing wrong with the car.

Witnesses reported seeing her on Route 29 talking to a man with a blue pickup on the side of the road. As mentioned before, over 20 women came forward, who had run-ins with this same blue pick-up truck on the thoroughfare. At certain times, he would take them to a payphone without incident When some of the women ignored him, he would get mad and drive away. One woman indicated though that, a week before, she had been approached and accepted the ride based on her "car problems" but she was able to get away when he attacked her. Her ankle was broken in the process. Two months later, Alicia Showalter Reynolds' body was found in a wooded area fifteen miles from where she vanished. She had been murdered, most likely on the day she disappeared. 

Julianne Williams an Laura Winans

In May of 1996, Julianne Williams and her mate Laura Winans went camping at the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. These area is scenic as it is part of the Appalachian Trail. Their bodies were found with hands bound, mouths gagged and throats slit. Their case remains unsolved. A recent posting is that they may have found their killer- who singled them out due to their sexual preferenceFor More Information

Anne Carolyn McDaniel

In September 1996, the burned remains of Anne Carolyn McDaniel were found just ten miles from where Alicia Showalter Reynold's body was found. She had left an Orange, Virginia group home in September 1996. While researching and trying to find information on this woman, it was mentioned there was 8 victims of this possible serial killer. According to the , "the discovery of her body was yet another blow to a region already reeling from the unsolved killings of four other women and the disappearance of a Spotsylvania teenager who, it would later be learned, had fallen to a serial killer."

According to this site, between March 1996 and May 1997, there was 8 murdered women and girls- which aren't even mentioned in this article. What is going on in this region? It is an area that has a very popular college of UVA as well as the wine country and estates of Virginia.

Sadly, McDaniel was known to hitchhike. She had cerebral palsy which caused a mental disability. She wanted independence and moved to the group home. Her family and friends indicated she was very trusting. She was kept alive three days after she went missing, unlike Alicia's case which was on the same day. Although, hauntingly she was only found 4 miles from the home of Thelma Scroggins, a woman who was also murdered earlier that year.

Sofia Silva, Kristin Lisk and her sister Kati

Three girls aged 12-16, were abducted by a man from South Carolina. In one case, a girl was watering flowers, when he pulled up and showed her a gun. He forced her to crawl into a 50-gallon tub. The girl managed to get away the next day, however, three girls were not so lucky.  Sofia Silva was last seen in September 1996, her homework and a can of soda was left on the front stoop. Her bod was found in a shallow pond. In may 1997, the father of two sisters came home to see his daughter's book bag on the front lawn. Five days later, the girls bodies were found in the South Anna River.

Morgan Dana Harrington

A 20 year old student at Virginia Tech, Morgan Dana Harrington disappeared from Charlottesville near John Paul Jones Arena while attending a Metallica concert in 2009. Her bod was later found at Anchorage Farm in Albemarle County in January 2010. The same killer of Heather Graham, is also being tried for her death as well. For More Information

Samantha Ann Clarke

19 year old Samantha Clarke told her brother she was leaving the house, just with her key, and would be back in the morning, around midnight in September 2010. Her disappearance is considered suspicious but no foul play has been found. However, someone she spoke to that day, has been held on other murder charges for Alexis Murphy. Her body was never found but is considered a possible suspect or connect to this uncharacteristic missing case. 

Sage Smith

A 19 year old transgender female was last seen in Charlottesville in November 2012. She was waiting for a date, very close to where Alexis Murphy's abandoned car was found later the next year in August. Sadly, there has been outrage that maybe this case hasn't received the same attention due to the victim's transgender status. I think every family deserves to know what happened to their loved one, regardless of lifestyle choices. For more information

Alexis Tiara Murphy

In 2013, 17 year old Alexis Murphy went missing when she left her home in Shipman headed towards Lynchburg. She was seen on gas station footage in Lovingston. Her car was then found in Charlottesville by a theater. Her body was never found; however, her killer was convicted of first-degree murder.

There are many more cases to be covered in this 20 year span, is there a higher than normal number of serial killer cases in this area? Is there a cover-up to protect the businesses and higher education institutions that operate there? Or are these cases normal? Who knows.