S05.E06. Exes On

Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it's marchin' across your face.

-Truvy, Steel Magnolias

Naomie prepares to open her family's new restaurant, and finally comes to terms with the fact that she isn't over Craig; Patricia and Craig have a heart-to-heart; Cameran tries an old-fashioned trick to get baby Palmer to make an appearance.

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Opening credits includes a scene of Thomas getting the newspaper, in a short cocktail robe very reminiscent of Three's Company used care salesman Larry, best friend of Jack Tripper. Saw himself a real stud, shirt unbuttoned too low, and wondering when he will realize that the word is out on his douche-ness to have to hit up neighboring women to get women.

Southern Charm

Kathryn is getting her first job. I saw first job, because this is not a summer hire. This is her first big girl job, not on her dad's taxes.

Naomie gets yelled at by her dad in French to apologize to Peyton, something about that sounds so sweet like a poem. Have to give it to her for being so passionate. Thin line between passion and crazy- they are first cousins but Naomie has a good heart. She is in the stage of 20s where everything is very black and white. Some setbacks, disappointments, broken dreams and the pounds that you can't shake on your thighs will shake her of that by the time she hits 30s.

Austen and Craig meet to eat oysters and discuss Naomie's behavior at the Halloween Party. Naomie calls to invite them to her father's soft opening of Nico's.

Cameran meets with Shep to give a comical, endearing scene of driving down a bumpy road to have her go in labor- to fulfill her requirement of scenes and not all clips can be breakups and makeups. This show is celebrating Charleston lifestyle is it not?

Austen takes a tour of brewery to make his recipe like Snoop Dog meets Martha Stewart. He is revolutionary in thought to use citrus and grapefruit. Wow, Austen all that time in the bars testing has really paid off.

Cameran has iced tea with Shep post baby drive- and she resumes her recruitment campaign to get him to the dark side of marriage. When will people realize maybe some are happy single? Just like some people are happy not having kids. It is classic case of misery loves company.

Kathryn goes to her first interview; I am not going to go too deep into this one. I just felt bad for her and let's leave it at that. But Gwynn's should be paying her for the advertising. 

Shep goes in to see Chelsea to cut his hair and try to keep a straight face while he runs the bus over Austen's antics downtown while he has been the mature one up on the Isle of Palms. Austen thinks he is only nothing like Shep because he confesses to love sick feelings over girls, whereas Shep does not pretend. It is like a Golden Retriever and a Labrador, not much difference between breeds but longer hair. For the most part, they are both friendly breeds- sometimes too friendly.

Southern Charm

The cast goes to Nico's Soft Opening, Thomas fawns over Kathryn in an attempt to want her to still want him and to keep Ashley on her toes. Thomas is the type that he always wants the woman to be out of his league- once he catches her, he does not want her anymore. And he keeps filling in Ashley's head that Kathryn still wants him. I think Kathyrn has outgrown her daddy or granddaddy issues; she can get someone at least a decade or two younger that is more appropriate and family friendly for her. When will Thomas catch on? It is like watching the old man at the country club pinching the server's bottoms while they pass by- he is a much younger, godlike creature in his head then people around him patting his head wondering when they are going to put him out to pasture at the Shady Pines Home.

Naomie apologizes to Peyton- which Craig will listen back to because he never got to hear the words from her in two years. She is very honest and direct- which is refreshing. She can hang her tap shoes up of excuses.

Austen and Shep have a discussion on his comments to Chelsea. His romantic dreams with her now wither away as Austen and Shep shake hands as gentlemen, mentor and mentee's, and bromancer's do. Chelsea finally sees him the way everybody did watching the two of them together- her little brother. I think Chelsea was guilty of what many of us women do- you want to like the guy, he adores you, seems decent, you like the idea but you just can not force it anymore than you can force Thomas to grow up. Just not going to happen. Chelsea, your brawny-camo-wearing-outdoorsy guy will show up in his boat to sweep you off your feet. He will even have a cute dog. You can drink coronas together and reenact your Survivor days together; maybe he will even pick up the check once in a while.

The Abandoned Town

Dorchester was the third settlement in South Carolina. In 1696, a group of Puritans resettled from the same namesake in Massachusetts and colonized the site on the upper Ashley River. 


Dorchester boasted forty homes, a school, library, Church, and a fort on the river. Today, the town has vanished but save for a few remnants. The town planning was very organized- 116 quarter-acre lots set among parallel and perpendicular streets. "High Street" ran through as the main thoroughfare. The open area in the center was called the Common.

The town's population numbered as much as 3915, 88% were slaves in 1723. By The Revolutionary War, the community declined as the residents moved from the swampy river bank to cooler areas near Summerville. Another percentage moved to Georgia as larger plots of land were available.  

A tabby fort was built between 1757 and 1760 by local slaves. A tabby is a mixture of oyster shells, lime and sand which their handy work still stands today. The wall is 8 feet at its highest. The local militia units would camp in tents; but the fort would later fall to the British in 1780. As a result, the British left in 1781 leaving the town burning and the remaining residents evacuated. Sadly, the epicenter of the Great Charleston Earthquake of 1886 was less than a mile away and destroyed a lot of the remaining buildings.

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