S05.E07. Kat's Got Your Tongue

Some nights you drink tea, some nights you drink whiskey.


Cameran suspects that she may be experiencing labor pains. Kathryn prepares for her first day of work, while Craig helps Austen realize things are over with Chelsea and refocuses on wooing Victoria. Patricia tries to make Ashley into the perfect Southern Belle and hosts a dinner party with the men of Charleston to test her skills. At the party, it seems Thomas only has eyes for Kathryn...and he may not be the only one.

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Kathryn meets Chelsea to work out at the gym with her roommate like Fergie getting that MILF money. She confesses she needs to work out and fill her time- because she gets lonely. Being sober, living far from her family, starting over, not dating; she is more advanced than a lot of women in their 30's. She even understands and can pronounce the word "triangulation." 


Craig and Austen get together to run; Craig talks about roommate so sweetly. I picture them as the odd couple. Austen decides to rekindle with a friend of Chelsea. And he wonders why he is not with Chelsea now? Austen is a professional crusher- he likes to wax lyrically about his unattainable crush.

Naomie, poor sweet Naomie of my youth, does not reinforce her position to the audience on how aimless Craig is when she asks her roommate what it is like to have a real job. Oh Naomie I totally think you will be running your own restaurant by 35- but those comments on missing the wifey to fold your bottom sheet and not having a job, living in your parent's house- zip it like Craig's latest cat pillow design for Patricia's company. 

Patricia brings Ashley to the place where Kathryn was just hired- maybe hoping she would be their shop attendant because does she really shop in Mount Pleasant? I think not.

Ashley broke the golden rule of high class Southern Society; you recognize the scion of the said Society but do not be too cloying. Give said matriarch reason to admire you as well. it is mutual admiration but with a definite pecking order. 

Austen meets with Victoria to win her back. Just awkward. Just missing his baseball mitt at the table and his underoos at his attempt at boyishness. 


Patricia hosts her annual gentleman dinner to remind the viewers this was Whitney's idea and it was originally supposed to be focused on the gentleman on the show.

Thomas reveals that Ashley is not on birth control and he can not be controlled. Evidently, one part of his body can be. 

Kathryn went to dinner with Thomas in order to attempt to instruct him on how to co-parent properly and be mature. Thomas just wants to hear that Kathryn wants him and revel like a pig in mud that he has control.

Final Resting Place of Osceola

Billy Powell, or more well known as Osceola, was raised as a Creek Indian by his mother. In 1814, the family of mixed heritage moved to Florida. He became infamous for leading a group of warriors against the federal government during the Second Seminole War.

Osceola was captured in 1837 at St. Augustine. Using a flag of truce, the army troops lured the Seminole leaders into a trap. The chief was sent to a prison cell on the grounds of Fort Moultrie at Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. During this time of imprisonment, he sat for a number of portraits as well as was visited by a number of distinguished individuals. He became ill and died from "quincy" after a few months of captivity. The Army doctor removed his head for study upon his death. The head has been lost but the death mask is still located at the Smithsonian Institute. 

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