S05.E08. What Da Fuskie

The serves champagne with pizza and eats take out on China

-Kate Spade

Cameran plays the pregnancy waiting game; the gang prepares for a trip to Shep and Chelsea's hometown; feuding exes, Craig and Naomie, attempt to act civil; Austen decides to rekindle his romance with Victoria, but fears Chelsea's reaction.

Ashley does not like boys' night because not only does she not have friends in the area but she also thinks Thomas should be spending time looking for china patterns and her engagement ring. He is going to see his friends anyways to ensure that he is not locked into the sequel to the movie Misery. He also has probably secured all gardening tools as well.


They take a ride for more clothing- or for the purpose of the camera besides her trip with Patricia. She sees herself as Melania meets Jackie O. I am not sure if she watched the same Southern Charm as everyone else has- he lost the election.

Thomas is hoping during this shopping trip that he can find clothing that is high necked enough to choke her and cover her month from asking for a ring, yet again.

Naomie goes by Craig's house with Garfield the cat. She secretly wants to check up on the mess of his house and his life since she left it. 

Ashley in her controlling frazzled way is going on about Saint's birthday party, Thomas is too scared in his alpha way to stand up to her. He is also looking around to make sure that the knives are hidden, he is thinking in the back of his head- will she actually act on her crazy? It's bringing him back to his jailbird days.

The group all heads to Hilton Head. Shep waxes romantically on his idyllc childhood. Chelsea, lived across the island tracks in a different lifestyle but we get the idea it was the Southern Rockwell painting.

Group takes a trip on a ferry on a field trip.

Ashley talks about the Titanic in the front of the boat like foreshadowing for her public reputation fate and asks for another proposal yet again.

Southern Charm

Craig tries to give back Naomie her eye glass case like a proud little boy. He ends up with crying, picking daisies "she loves me love me not." And Craig- she does not. And she is mad at you for it. 

The boys go to play golf while Thomas' train wreck love life is always the topic of conversation; he has no idea he is the butt of jokes rather than the icon of their respect like he wants from them. He is the classic what not to do or "he makes me feel better about my life." 

The ladies go horseback whining despite Ashley lying about never riding to Thomas. She attempts to make a big deal of not knowing what to wear; despite her history as a polo circuit girl like the groupies that hit up Tristan Thompson's DMs. She was sliding into something, and it involved a type of polo mallet. Allegedly. She is the type who gets nervous and out of place- so she picks a fight like a helpless bird to keep Thomas' attention. Meanwhile, Thomas is drinking, been through politics and prison- you are not going to get him going to dance to your tune, Ashley.

Later over dinner, we see Ashley tear into Kathryn to get an invite to Saint's birthday. I am not going to say anything wittier or more introspective than Twitter is currently probably abuzz with. Although, I can not believe that Thomas did not interject to protect a member of his family in that instance. If tables were turned- and a man was trying to inch him out, was around the kids so soon with a parenting agreement and then tear into him- he would say he has to go. Thomas- get your affairs in order. At this point Kathryn is teaching you how to co-parent. 

The Grave of the Heartbroken

Born into an upper class family on coastal South Carolina in the early 19th century, Alice Flagg has become the symbol of heartbroken love stories. She had been in love with a young man not of her same social status. Her brother was a doctor and  decided to end the relationship at once. He declared she had to stop seeing him immediately. Alice continued to see her suitor and became betrothed behind her brother's back in defiance.


Alice wore his ring on a ribbon around her neck but when her brother found out, he sent her to a boarding school in Charleston. This was an attempt to separate her from her lover. She subsequently became very ill with malaria and was taken back to her brother. The overprotecting sibling found the ring around her neck and threw it away. In her delirious state, she begged her bedside visitors to find her ring. The token of love was not found and she died from her sickness.

Buried in her favorite white dress, she was buried in the Flagg family plot near Pawleys Island near the All Saints Cemetery. The only marking of her grave was a plain marble slab with her first name on it.

Paranormal activity was later spotted at the Flagg home's front door, the Hermitage. There is also claims that there is sightings by the All Saints Church graveyard. In the sightings, she is seen with her hand on her chest, seemingly searching for something.

Visitors bring flowers and small tokens to her grave in sympathy. Some to soothe her heartbroken soul or to make a wish on love. Part of the folklore says, "starting at the right bottom of the gravestone, walk around six times counterclockwise and then six times clockwise stopping at the letter A" and your wish will be granted after placing a token upon the grave. 

Images were used from the Southern Charm's cast public Instagram profiles

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