S05.E09. Hilton Headache

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.

-Paul Coeho

Emotions run high during the gang's first night in Hilton Head, when Ashley confronts Kathryn. After the group is forced to pick sides, everyone is walking on eggshells for the rest of the weekend. When the last flare up comes, it's Austen who gets burned when a flirtation with Chelsea comes back to haunt him.

The argument of Ashley to be relevant continues on this episode; as she tries to isolate Thomas "it's us against the world," now give me a ring. She had a strong sense of Who's Afraid of Baby Jane running through her.

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Austen breaks the news he is dating Chelsea's friend again- because she wants him. Maybe Austen, Chelsea would have wanted you if you didn't date her friend. He is the type of guy who just tries to be nice guy- while doing some creepy stuff. Taking Shep's seconds, playing Naomie and Craig against each other, dating Chelsea's friend...but yet he will lay it on thick about worrying about his friendship with the Cool Girl and what a sweet guy he is. No, he is a frat boy who has no job, wants to get laid and drink. Call it like it is. The soft voice and dimple isn't fooling anyone anymore then the show RelationShep did. 

The group heads back on the Titanic II. Whitney stirs the pot and asks Thomas what does he think about Chelsea deciding whether they stay at the house now; good production value there Mr. Producer.

Thomas gives Chelsea and the cameras a glimpse of a man who may need to go to rehab; while he is ordering up them tests for Kathryn, maybe he should see if he can get a 2 for 1 deal.

Ashely shows her lack of maturity and possible DSM V diagnosis of histrionic disorder as she reacts with smirks … thoughts of Tiffany Catalogues dancing in her head.

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Ashely corners Chelsea on the stairs- she forgot she was on Southern Charm and not trying out for The Bold and The Beautiful. She also realizes that Kathryn is not going anywhere and Ashely's plan of "marry me because you need a nanny" may be hurt. 

Next day, Ashely reinforces she knows how to do a good walk of shame when she plays off that nothing happened the night before. The entire group met for breakfast.

The group splits into two - one set going fishing and one set going to the oyster shoals. 

Thomas and Ashley stay back like the pariahs they are; Thomas is grounded along with her.

Once they bring back their hauls- Craig forgot clothing to change for dinner but remembered Naomie's contacts that she did not want.

The highlight of the episode was the Jack Daniels' skewers the chef made at dinner.

After dinner, Victoria calls Austen because of a snapchat photo that Naomie posted on the boat of Chelsea and Austen. Firstly, Chelsea called him first. Secondly, I guess the soup she offered him as enticement to come home is getting cold.

Oldest Living Organism

In Charleston, South Carolina, the Angel Oak tree is thought to be one of the oldest living organisms on this side of the Mississippi. 65 Feet in height, it is 28 feet in circumference. 

It is estimated to be 400 to 500 years old. The tree has been strong enough to survive hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. It even made it through Hurricane Hugo of 1989.  


The species of tree is a live oak- which is native to the coastal Carolinas lowland. It grows more outwards than high in height. The Angel tree is named after the Angel Estate, owned by Justus Angel and Martha Waight Angel. The local legends have claimed that the ghosts of former slaves are the angels around the tree.

The tree is owned now by the City of Charleston. The S.C. Coastal Conservation League has fought against development around the tree because it may impact the groundwater flow.  

Images were used from the Southern Charm's cast public Instagram profi

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